Instead of using multiple tools and moving partially completed parts from press to press to press, a progressive die allows a final part to be produced with each stroke of the press. 

As material advances through the press, it has different forming processes take place progressively until the final stroke of the press frees the finished part from the carrier strip

With high tonnage, progressive-capable metal stamping presses, your projects requiring EAU of 30,000 pieces or more are the perfect candidates for our progressive tooling and stamping presses. With sufficient blanking pressures, SJS Products, a Jamcor Corporation can dramatically lower the per piece price for your parts.

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The expansive inventory of common form tools can also be utilized at virtually no cost. 

Engineering and Tooling charges are typically only a few hundred dollars and, while every tool IS unique, access to decades’ worth of stock tooling means that there is a high probability of finding something that already exists for virtually every metal stamping operation at this level